After Helsinki, Montreal, Rotterdam, Chicago, and Liverpool-Manchester..., Paris hosts the 10th edition of ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Art in December 2000. ISEA has become a major event for the international artistic community involved in arts and new media, uniting participants from over thirty countries.

Under the theme of "Revelation", ISEA2000 will explore the effects of the technological revolution on art and its impact on society through new forms of representation such as digital imaging, multimedia, the virtuality, interactive installations and networks.

IISEA2000 will focus on the transformations and the challenges existing in the visual arts, the performing arts, music, images, architecture and design, while highlighting how these new tools generate artistic expression intrinsic to digital culture.

ISEA2000 includes:
- An international Symposium at the Forum des images from December the 7th to the 10th comprised of papers, panels, institutional and individual presentations, and seminars.
- A series of associated artistic events (exhibitions, concerts, dance shows, performances, and electronic theater) throughout the month of December arranged by different organizations and institutions.

ISEA2000 is organized by ART3000, which has been involved in new media creation's field for over eleven years. ISEA2000 benefits from the patronage of Madame Catherine Tasca, French Minister of Culture and Communication and is sponsored by La Mission Paris 2000, La Mission pour la Célébration de l'An 2000 and the Council of Europe and the UNESCO.

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